ZipClean Pro is an insured and bonded professional cleaning service based out of St Marys Kansas. We service Residential, Commercial and Construction cleaning throughout the surrounding areas
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We are looking to add responsible and professional individuals to our growing company! You can click here  for more info and fill out an application from there
If you have any questions, please contact us at 785-321-3001

Regarding Those Who are Looking to be Regularly Scheduled Residential Clients

At this time, we are not accepting anymore regularly scheduled residential clients due to our

fully booked schedule.

You can call or email our office and ask to be put on our waiting list. We will contact you once we have an opening or have developed a new team

how we're handling covid-19
We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our customers and staff. If you are concerned that your home or business may be contaminated, we can provide a thorough disinfecting service.
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